Evaluation of Transportation Investment Packages

The Study team evaluated the transportation investment packages to see how well they respond to community values identified earlier in the Study.


In previous phases of the Study, the team took a “look back” over the past 30 years to review how the County has grown and what major transportation decisions and investments have been made to respond to that growth. Using public input, the team then identified three transportation investment packages. The transportation investments were then evaluated relative to two scenarios for how the County might grow in the next 40-50 years. The future scenarios reflect differing factors, or drivers of change, that are likely to influence the amount of population and jobs growth, and land development patterns in the county and will be used to test the resiliency of the conceptual transportation investments being studied.

Evaluation Measures

The evaluation provided information on how the three transportation investment packages perform in 8 key categories:

  • Safety
  • Mobility and accessibility
  • Travel-time reliability
  • Cost
  • Environment
  • Land use and community
  • Health
  • Equity (income and mode)

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