The Library is a resource for project background, reports, and other information. The Library will be updated throughout the project as new information becomes available.

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Final Report Executive Summary
02/22/17 PDF 427KB
The Rural Perspective: Technical Report
02/22/17 PDF 421KB
Appendix G - Combined White Papers
02/22/17 PDF 2.1MB
Appendix F - Complete Evaluation
02/22/17 PDF 8.3MB
Appendix E - Evaluation Framework
02/22/17 PDF 698KB
Appendix D - Transportation Investment Packages
02/22/17 PDF 3.3MB
Appendix C - Scenarios
02/22/17 PDF 664KB
Appendix B - Taking Stock
02/22/17 PDF 6.3MB
Appendix A - Stakeholder Engagement and Public Outreach
02/22/17 PDF 5.2MB
Telephone Survey Report
02/22/17 PDF 5.4MB
Overview of Public Comments on Study Findings
02/22/17 PDF 182KB
Fall 2016 Online Open House (#3) Summary
02/22/17 PDF 2.8MB
Final Report
02/22/17 PDF 37MB
Study Overview and Findings Presentation
02/20/17 PDF 1.8 MB

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Fall 2016 Online Open House (#3) Summary
02/22/17 PDF 2.8MB
Winter 2015/2016 Public Outreach Summary
02/26/16 PDF 958 kb
Spring 2015 Online Open House (#2) Summary
05/30/15 PDF

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Simulation Suggests Self-Driving Vehicles Will Make 90% Of Urban Cars Redundant

Submitted by Meeky Blizzard

08/31/16 LINK
Video Analytics Platform Helps Cities Monitor Pedestrians, Vehicles
08/25/16 LINK
First new Portland-area highway in nearly 3 decades to open in Clackamas

Submitted by Steve Larrance

07/12/16 LINK
Looking for the green light
06/22/16 LINK
Westside Bypass: The Zombie Dinosaur
06/22/16 LINK
L.A.'s Testing Ground for Transportation Efficiency

Submitted by Marc San Soucie​

03/17/16 LINK
Inflow & Outflow Comparison

Submitted by Mayor Jerry Willey

01/15/16 PDF
Streets are about economics and urban design more than engineering

Submitted by Marc San Soucie​

10/12/15 LINK
The Top 5 Things Planners Need to Know About Self-driving Vehicles
10/08/15 PDF
Transportation System Plan User's Guide
10/08/15 PDF
Lack of Access to Transportation Keeps People From Getting Health Care - The Atlantic

Submitted by Philip Wu

08/13/15 PDF 363 kb
Public Transportation Is Failing America's Poor - The Atlantic

Submitted by Philip Wu

08/13/15 PDF 257 kb
Transportation Futures Study Library Summary of Resources

Submitted by Meeky Blizzard

Provides a summary of the resources posted to this online library, as of June 30, 2015.

06/30/15 PDF 393 kb
Well Done Vancouver! Well Done Planners!, Todd Littman, Planetizen
Submitted by Meeky Blizzard
06/24/15 LINK
Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown

Submitted by Meeky Blizzard

Examines the characteristics, motives, and preferences of companies that have either relocated, opened new offices, or expanded in walkable downtowns between 2010 and 2015.

06/24/15 LINK
Essay: Connecting the Dots between Education, Health and Opportunity

Submitted by Washington County staff in response to SAC member request

06/15/15 LINK
More Extensive is More Expensive: How Sprawl Infrastructure Bankrupts Oregon Communities, and What We Can Do About It

Submitted by Mary Kyle McCurdy, 1000 Friends of Oregon

06/15/15 PDF 3532 kb
Articles from “Centerlines” Newsletter (National Center for Bicycling and Walking)

Submitted by Meeky Blizzard

06/02/15 PDF 56.4 kb
Puget Sound Regional Council - Transportation Public Opinion Survey

Submitted by Mayor Jerry Willey

05/22/15 PDF 403 kb
Poverty & Race - Transportation and Civil Rights

Submitted by Alfonso Lopez-Vasquez

05/22/15 PDF 238 kb
Where We Need to Go-A Civil Rights Roadmap for Transportation Equity

Submitted by Alfonso Lopez-Vasquez

05/22/15 PDF 1074 kb

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Planned Investments
07/07/16 PDF 3.17 mb
Spring 2016 Fact Sheet
04/04/16 PDF 294kb
Western Bypass and LUTRAQ Background
09/28/15 PDF 578 kb
Washington County Transportation Futures Study Overview
05/18/15 PDF 423kb
Study Process Diagram
03/12/15 PDF 110kb
Engagement and Coordination Structure
03/11/15 PDF 45kb
Study Approach
03/11/15 PDF 904kb

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Washington County Transportation System Plan
03/16/15 LINK
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